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About Me

My passion for creating sweet things began when I was a child. From a young age I would be in the kitchen with my family at every given opportunity. After school, weekends and school holidays I’d turn up at my grandparents’ house, proudly clutching my children’s size baking set.


The first thing I remember learning to bake as a child was scones and, along with baking those and other cakes, I enjoyed savoury cooking. So much so that I would always cook at family dinner time – once I was a bit older!.


My interest in being in the kitchen continued all the way through my school years. Once my final year of school was done, there was only one thing I knew I wanted to do – cook! So I enrolled on a professional cookery course at my local college in Nottinghamshire.


Finally, the time had come! School was finished, holidays were over! It was time to begin my college course. After a few months, and to my great surprise I began to realise that my passion didn’t lie with cookery. While I enjoy cooking for fun, it was clear to me that my passion for culinary creation was for the sweeter side of things! 


So after finally completing my 3 year cookery course I could start my patisserie course at another local college. I continued to bake at home and to practice new techniques I’d seen on TV or online. Eric Lanlard was my inspiration, after watching him on the TV so many times. I loved his style of baking! I was lucky enough that I managed to attend some of his classes, even with Eric himself in his Patisserie Cake Boy in South West London. While still studying patisserie in Nottingham I began to work in a newly opened cake and dessert shop in the city. I stayed there for around 2 years – posting images of everything I baked on social media. 


I had always dreamed of one day moving to London to live. Then one evening I received a message – it was Eric, asking me if I happened to be looking for a job and if I could go to London to meet with him. With no hesitation, I agreed to meet with him a couple of days later to discuss the role – and of course I accepted the offer! The next few weeks were pretty crazy finding somewhere to live and making numerous trips to Ikea! 6 weeks later I packed my bags and began my adventure in London. I have now been working with Eric at Cake Boy since 2015. Its a great place to really learn and develop new skills as there are endless opportunities for me to create.


I’d like to share my creations with you…bon apetit!

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