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Useful Links 

Please find a list of my favourite Suppliers & Producers. If you see something in one of my recipes and are not sure where to buy it, you will find it below. You can also find my go to websites here. - Nurtured in Norfolk is my go-to for all my edible flowers & micro herbs. They have a vast range of produce that's perfect for adding the finishing touches to a cake or dessert. - Valrhona's produce is great quality! I use their chocolate the most, both at home & in the kitchen. They have many chocolates to choose from and I especially love working with their blond chocolates. - I love these guys' photo boards! There's so many to choose from and the majority of the pictures you see on this website, will be using their boards. - Cake-Boy! Cake-Boy is where I work! It is located in South West, London, and is definitely worth a visit! Whether you're after your quick cake fix, celebration cake or champagne afternoon tea, you'll find it here.  - I use these gold flakes a lot. They're a great alternative to the usual gold leaf sheets, perfect for adding some BLING to your bakes! Just make sure when your using it not to have the door open or air conditioning turned on or you'll have a 24 carat gold kitchen!

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